[UPDATE]OperationGreenRights spreads light on ore traffic from Congo!

This time OperationGreenRights propose you a little leak.
The following Email was sent by salvakalumba@yahoo.fr to TRAXYS firm. We know that now a civil war is going on in Congo. So Congo surely isn't a war-free area. Ovbiously no one should desploit countries during a civil war so, as explained in the following mail, the lead ore in rapidly taken to Zambia, so noone can proove that the ore is digged in Congo.The aforementioned civil war, is due to mr. Ntaganda, a war-lord formerly involved in the war in Congo of 1993. RAID, which is an organization or the english government, and also UN, demonstrated that the war in 1993 was a war for coltan.Congo, which is now troubled by another civil war, is also reach of many other minerals different from coltan, e.g. lead ore.Whit this mail mr salvakalumba is triyng to sell lead ore from Congo to Traxis. So that leak shows that firms are digging and selling minerals from Congo. Further more, TRAXYS declarate, on 8 May 2012 that the sourcing of minerals from Democratic Republic of East-Congo is suspended in order to to protect its reputation from any appearance of wrongdoing. This mail shows that declaration is false, TRAXYS is clearly interested in Congo's lead ore. For this reason "salvakalumba" move the lead ore digged in Congo to Zambia so no one can proove that the lead ore is digged in Congo. This permit TRAXYS to say that they realy believe that the lead ore is from Zambia and not from Congo.
We know that, in Congo, miners suffer terrible work conditions and nature is destroied in order to extract ore. From 2012 another civil war is growing up in Congo.Great companies dont'care to all this things, they continue to dig devast Congo's Nature forcing congo's people in war and slavery!

the next email is from Traxys DB :

| 4, chemin public golf DRC | NULL | cogimex | May 18 2012 5:04AM | salvakalumba@yahoo.fr | 1442 | HI, we are here by to let you know that we are able to supply this products to you.the quantity available now is 30000 Mt and the grade is between 65%pb and 72%pb, not less then that.Right now , we have started moving the lead ore from DRC to our warehouse in chingola Zambia.Plz let us know if you are interested.Regards Thierry

| Gl. Strandvej 30                                                                                   | 2990 Nivaa, Denmark    | Envirotec Denmark ApS | May  7 2012  9:38AM | sb@envirotec.dk | 1424 | Dear Traxys, \n\nWe have access to some Tantal & Niobium ( Coltan ) 5 tons pr. month and are looking for at partner to process and refine this. Please contact us. Best regards Steen B

The Following links contain dump of complete Traxys DB :

*Update: 04/06/2012

1°part of dump DB : http://pastebin.com/wNL844Pi
2° part: SOON!!!

special thanks to #Opmexico TEAM


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